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HER Archive Pop-Up

24th April 2024 - 2nd May 2024
For the next week, the HER Archive Pop-up will be opening at Heath, offering a multi-brand retail experience showcasing streetwear fashion and lifestyle items designed for women. Make sure you don't miss it!

Backseat Sessions

13th April 2024
Likewise & Y2K will be hosting an afternoon of stripped-back live music at Heath. We have a strong lineup of musicians who will be sharing their tunes from the backseat of the Toyoya Crown Comfort Taxi.

Crown Comfort Exhibition

23rd March - 17th April 2024
Our second exhibition scheduled for this Art Month is "Crown Comfort," a collaboration with Likewise, a local skate and art collective. Heath is now home to a 500kg, half-chopped-up, yellow Japanese taxi.

Hong Kong Garden Exhibition

22nd March - 18th April 2024
Heath is proud to launch its first of two exhibitions this Art Month. This vibrant showcase features the works of fourteen Hong Kong-based artists, all exploring the city's unique urban environment through a colourful and emotionally charged lens.

Yearbook Market

17th - 18th Feb 2024
3Yearbook Market, presented by Radiowaves Studio and Flash Anything. Heath is thrilled to welcome the 30 vendors from Hong Kong, Macau, Guangzhou, Taipei and more.

Who Will Buy This Shit Exhibition

27th Jan - 27th Feb 2024
Heath is pleased to present WHO WILL BUY THIS SHIT Art Exhibition: A Provocative Reflection on Consumerism and Value

Gingko House Charitable Clothing Drive

Dec 2023 - Jan 2024
This winter, in partnership with Gingko House, a clothing drive was set up at Heath. This heartfelt initiative by Gingko House aims to collect donated winter garments from Hong Kongers.

The Weight of Love Exhibition

5th - 6th Jan 2024
Mark your calendars for the Society of True Light's LGBTQ+ Art Exhibition and Interactive Theatre.

Biugor Biumui X'mas Market

23rd - 26th Dec 2023
Heath will be hosting a co-party and market between Biugor Biumui and Artist 66.

Bad Times Disco Circle Back

17th - 21st Dec 2023
Circle Back is an event dedicated to showcasing true sustainability and their new record/vintage shop opening in the same space in early January 2024

Jup Yeah Winter Wardrobe Exchange

9th - 10th Dec 2023
The world is filled with garbage because we produce too much. No need to search everywhere for environmentally friendly secondhand goods.

The Breaktime Market

20th Nov - 8th Dec 2023
Come by and checkout The Breaktime Market if you're about or taking a much needed intermission from the mundanity of work.

N:M+M Nature Metaphysics + Metaphor

6th - 14th Dec 2023
N:M+M Nature Metaphysics + Metaphor explores the imbricated spaces of nature/man + ephemerality/permanence + art/technology as sources for new stories and storytelling.

Weekend Wardrobe Devoted

10th - 12th Nov 2023
週末衣櫥第二十回:《做你所愛 愛你所做》

The Core of Immersed Nature Exhibition

16th Sept - 2nd Oct 2023
The Core of Immersed Nature explores the essence of unknown nature and the interconnectedness of all living beings.

Fashion Soul Resonance Design Competition

15th Aug - 19th Sept 2023
Fashion Soul Resonance is a local charity fashion design competition with a focus on up-cycling and caring for the wider community.

Shibari Master Class

Aug 31st - Sept 3rd 2023
Local rigger Rika has roped in a very special guest all the way from Osaka - her sensei and Japanese Shibari Master Kazami Ranki!

Where The Firework Dies

July 30th - Aug 20th 2023
Next up on our roster, we have a personal project by the talented local photographer Riddick Douglas Ning whose commercial work you most likely have come across on TV or print.

Shibari Art Festival

July 15th - 23rd 2023
An immersive cultural celebration awaits at Heath this weekend as we play host to the annual Shibari Art Festival.

The Bathtub Sake Festival

June 21st - 22nd 2023

Weekend Wardrobe No.19

June 9th - 11th 2023
We are extremely pleased to announce that we will be hosting the 19th edition of the @weekend.wardrobe market.

Vivek Stand Up Comedy

May 12th - 13th 2023
Hong Kong homegrown funny man Vivek Mahbubani will be sharing new material at Heath after 14 sold out shows in Melbourne!

In Between Space Art Exhibition

May 1st - 7th 2023
Featuring practitioners from London and Hong Kong, this is a group art exhibition that will explore the themes of transition, dialogue and the undefined.

Chungking Express Market

May 13th - 14th 2023
A market for the creative community in Hong Kong, a weekend express to celebrate our culture & have fun!!

Clean Coffee: Earth Month

April 17th - 30th 2024
From April 17th-30th, @youarecleanhk is offering a buy-1-get-1-free coffee promotion in the name of Earth Month 🌎

The Private Label Pop-Up

Feb 16th - 26th 2023
With a strong focus on comfort and easy fabric handling, the collection is made for individuals who are always on the run but need to look fresh and proper on various occasions for the day.

Classics Reimagined

Dec 10th - 18th 2022
WearEarthero's Daydream Believer Upcycled Wearables & Art Exhibition. With the theme of #LifeExtensionOfThings, everything in the exhibition can be redefined.
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